Schwarzwasser-Sense-Schluchtenweg Gorge Trail

Enjoy an incredible view of the Gantrisch range and the canton of Jura while hiking along the Schwarzwasserschlucht gorge.

  • Information
    Route Schweiz-Mobil Route 381: Schwarzwasser-Sense-Schluchtenweg, stage 1 (Wanderland)
    Distance 12 km
    Hiking time 3 h 35 min
    Grade easy (hiking trail)
    Fitness level medium
    Ascents 540 m
    Descents 400 m
    Accessibility not barrier-free
  • How to get there

    Public transport

    We recommend taking public transport. You can start the hike either at Schwarzwasserbrücke station or at Schwarzenburg station.


    Public parking is available at both train stations. However, the number of spaces is limited, which is why we recommend travelling by public transport.

  • Tipp

    The hiking trail is marked on the yellow signposts by a green logo with the words “Schwarzwasser-Sense-Schluchtenweg” and the respective route number – number 381 in this case. Nonetheless, we recommend bringing a printout of the route just to be sure.

This hike takes you through the Sense-Schwarzwasser nature reserve in the Gantrisch Nature Park. Spread over twelve kilometres, it passes flowing waters and beautiful shady spots that are perfect for swimming in the summer.

The trail starts at the Schwarzwasserbrücke bridge and leads down to the Schwarzwassergraben, from where it continues upstream along the characteristic alluvial forests. This area is one of the most primordial regions in all of Switzerland and gives off a very special vibe – it’s almost as if you were in Canada or the USA. Once you reach the top of the plateau with its charming farms, you’ll have a breathtaking view of the Gantrisch range and the Jura region. Then you follow the signposted trail down into the gorge. This route doesn’t only offer beautiful nature, but also historic sites: when you arrive in Schwarzenburg, its castle is worth a visit. Our recommendation: spend the night at the Hotel-Restaurant Sonne and hike the second stage back to Schwarzwasserbrücke the next day.

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