River Rafting down the Aare River

In the mood for a refreshing excursion? You and your group can enjoy a relaxed and at the same time adventurous boat trip on the Aare with trained guides.

  • Information and Prices
    City Tour Bern up to 8 people: CHF 650.00
    from 9–100 people: CHF 82.00 per person
    Thun to Bern up to 10 people: CHF 950.00
    from 9–100 people: CHF 95.00 per person
    All Around Bern up to 10 people: CHF 950.00
    from 9–100 people: CHF 95.00 per person
    BBQ meal per person (excl. beverages): CHF 38.00

    Please inquire about larger groups


In your boat, get set, go! Riding in stable and certified rubber dinghies, you can let yourself drift down the Aare river through varied river landscapes while enjoying an impressive view of the Bernese Alpine panorama and the capital city. During the rafting trip, you will have endless chances to swim and opportunities for sociable and relaxing refreshment breaks. You will be accompanied by trained guides who are familiar with the area and who guarantee the safety of all participants and ensure that you have an unforgettable experience.

There are three guided tours to choose from:

The Shorty
City tour, from Schwellenmätteli in Bern to Worblaufen
Lasts approx. 2 hrs
The Multifaceted
All around Bern, from Schwellenmätteli in Bern to Neubrück (Bremgarten)
BBQ meal offered at end of trip upon request
Lasts approx. 3.5 hrs (without BBQ)
The Classic
From Thun Schwäbis to Bern Marzili, with a lunch break along the way (with BBQ buffet on the banks of the Aare upon request)
Lasts approx. 5 hrs (with lunch break)

  • Fun Fact

    Did you know that the classic route from Thun to Bern is the most popular river rafting trip in Switzerland?

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