Restaurant Volver

Are you a night owl, early bird or cozy chick? Come and visit us for a pleasant nest to suit birds of a feather.

Good news for birds of passage, morning larks, night owls and other typical Bern birds: since February 2010 there has been a cozy new nest for all, right in the centre of the Old Town. At the Volver BarTapasCafé you can pass by and enjoy a quick chirp, or sit in comfort and chatter away to your heart’s content. There is always something tasty to peck at, right up until closing time.

Volver’ is a Spanish word meaning ‘to come back’. To ensure that visitors to Volver do just that willingly and often, they are continually delighted with gastronomic gems from Spain and Switzerland: a morning cappuccino, a pasta lunch, chocolate cake in the afternoon, or beer, wine & tapas in the evening. Volver is small but mighty and has a great atmosphere!

  • Restaurant Volver

    Rathausplatz 8
    3011 Bern

    T +41 31 312 04 04

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