Schmiedstube Restaurant

The Schmiedstube serves cosmopolitan Swiss cuisine with international influences and seasonal specialties, right in the heart of Bern.

Situated between the upper and lower Old Town of Bern, the Schmiedstube offers guests a view of the Französische Kirche (French Church) and historic Kornhaus (Granary) through the restaurant’s large windows. Besides Swiss cuisine, the restaurant also offers a special menu with delicious gluten-free options.

For larger groups or corporate events, private rooms are available in the upstairs of the restaurant, offering space for up to 120 people. In the summer, the square outside the restaurant is converted into a patio, where guests can unwind in the evenings in a peaceful setting.

  • Schmiedstube

    Schmiedenplatz 5
    3011 Bern

    T +41 (0)31 311 34 61

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