References & Testimonials

Here’s where you’ll find an overview of references from Bern Incoming GmbH concerning meetings, conventions and other events.

References 2016

European Men's and Women's Artistic Gymnastics Championships
1'300 athletes & delegates

94. Auslandschweizer-Kongress
500 participants

GMA Konferenz 2016
600 participants

2nd International Symposium
600 participants

SVJ Tagung
250 participants


The positive experience with Bern Incoming and the excellent value in price and services is encouraging us to hold another convention in Bern.

Prof. Dr. med. Dr. h.c. Zacharias Zachariou, EUPSA 2010

References 2015

Assémblée Parlementaire de la Francophonie
500 participants

14th European Congress of Sport Psychology
750 participants

9. Schweizer Heilpädagogik-Kongress
1'000 participants

SGPP Jahreskongress
750 participants


References 2014

SwissSkills Bern 2014
1'000 participants, 155'000 visitors

Special Olympics Switzerland National Games
1'500 participants, coaches/volunteers/visitors

SGB Kongress
250 participants

Conference of the OIE Regional Commission for Europe
250 participants

AP & IC - Meeting of the Academy of Prosthodontics and International Congress
300 participants

6th Drug Hypersensitivity Meeting (DHM6)
500 participants

Fernweh Festival (Globetrotter)
4'000 participants


Participants at the Schweizer Implantat Kongress 2011 (the Swiss conference on implant dentistry) were really impressed with the newly developed Foyer at Kursaal Bern.

Prof. Dr. med. dent. Daniel Buser, University of Bern

References 2013

5. IFHE Europe Congress ECHE 2013
250 participants

Eidg. Schwing- und Älplerfest Burgdorf
100'000 visitors

Biologie Olympiade
700 participants

Pfingstkonferenz (Vineyard)
4'000 participants

Mountainbike EM
1'500 participants

Buiatrissima / Tierärzte Kongress
300 participants

Schweizer Heilpädagogik Kongress
1'500 participants

Melectronics Fachmesse "Hight Voltage Days"
200 participants


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