Rafting along the Aare

A favorite Bernese pastime and an unforgettable summer highlight: rafting along the Aare Riv-er. When the temperature rises, the Bernese flock to the Aare to float down the river in their rubber rafts.

The rafts can be launched from various locations between Thun and Bern, depending on how long the rafting trip should last. The green river carries rafters past the recreational areas along the Aare and back into the capital. And if it gets too warm along the way, rafters can hop into the water to cool off.

The rafting guides and their crew make periodic stops along the way, giving rafters the chance to take a break or to grill at one of the many picnic spots along the river.

One of the most popular stops is the Eichholz River Beach, where sun-seekers, nature-lovers and grill masters meet to enjoy the Bernese summer.

  • 6 rules for River Rafting

    But be careful! The Aare also has its dangers. For instance, the Uttigenschwelle can be very dangerous for inexperienced rafters. Rafters should also watch out for piers, shallow areas, rocks and pipes in the water. And it’s best for you and your friends to wait and enjoy your beer after finishing your rafting trip. After all, many accidents have been the result of alcohol being consumed along the trip.

    The Swiss lifeguard association SLRG recommends complying with the following six rules for river rafting:

    • Rafters must wear a life vest.
    • The raft’s maximum weight must not be exceeded.
    • Never tie rafts together! Otherwise they can’t be maneuvered.
    • Unfamiliar sections of the river must be explored before the trip.
    • Only good, experienced swimmers should enter open bodies of water (rivers, ponds, lakes).
    • Hypothermia can lead to muscle cramps. The colder the water, the shorter the amount of time you should stay in it.

    If you lose your raft, notify the police immediately in order to avoid unnecessary search operations.

Aare River

The Ultimate Aare Rafting Guide

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