Raclette Stroll

Discovering Bern on a walk trough the city and enjoying a delicious Raclette underneath the night sky: a perfect Bernese outdoor experience.

The al-fresco Raclette is perfect for gourmets looking for something new! The idea is simple: just pick up a Raclette-Rucksack (raclette backpack) at Restaurant Lötschberg and off you go through the city. The walk takes you to the loveliest places, along the Aare river or through the Dählhölzli forest all the way to your new favourite spot, where you can unpack the backpack and let the Raclette fun begin.

The best thing about it: the raclette set is very small and handy, the cheese is melted by the heat coming from small candles – so when you’re looking for the perfect dining spot, you don’t have to keep electricity outlets or a certain amount of space in mind.

  • General Information


    Package Price Includes
    Basic CHF 19.00
    per person
    - rental fee for the complete Raclette set
    - 250 g of cheese
    - 250 g boiled potatoes
    - gherkins/pickles and pearl onions
    - Raclette spice
    Deluxe CHF 29.00
    per person
    The package includes everything the Basic package
    contains, plus a bottle of white wine (Fendant 37.5 cl).

    No beverages are included in the Basic package. You can purchase them at Restaurant Lötschberg, if desired.


    We recommend calculating one hour of pure walking time for the suggested route. The walk can be abbreviated or extended (6 hours maximum).


    • Raclette backpack
    • Suitable clothing (depending on the weather)

    The Raclette backpack includes all the ingredients for a wonderful al-fresco Raclette experience.

    Our tip: if it’s cold outside, bring something to sit on.

  • How It Works
    1. Place a reservation over the phone at Restaurant Lötschberg.
    2. Pick up the backpack at Restaurant Lötschberg and choose between the Basic and the Deluxe package (includes wine). You can choose when you get there.
    3. Stroll through Bern.
    4. Enjoy your al-fresco Raclette in your new favourite spot.
    5. Give back the Raclette backpack at Restaurant Lötschberg (on the same day and during opening hours).

    The Raclette backpack can be rented for a maximum of six hours. You must bring it back on the same day.

Our Recommendation for Your Raclette Stroll

Our favourite route will lead you past beautiful monuments and through the federal city to some of the city’s nicest spots. Once you’ve reached your new favourite place, get out the outdoor Raclette equipment and enjoy your meal along with a wonderful view.

  • Our Suggested Route

    Restaurant Lötschberg – Zytglogge (Clock Tower) – Münsterplattform (Minster platform) – Tierpark Bern, BärenPark (Bern Animal Park, BearPark) – Schwellenmätteli – Dalmazimätteli – Bundesterrasse (terrace of the Parliament Building) – Bellevue Park – Restaurant Lötschberg

    Find the online map here

    Distance 4 km
    Duration 1 h
    Climb 67 m (altitude difference)
    Descent 67 m (altitude difference)

    Our tip: While on your walk, make a quick detour to the Rosengarten, make yourself comfortable on the stone wall or the grass and unpack the backpack. In the evening, when the sun is setting and the city’s many lights sparkle in the darkness, the view is especially romantic.

    How To Get There

    The city of Bern lies in the heart of Switzerland and can be reached by all means of transportation. Detailed information on travelling to Bern can be found here.

    Where is Restaurant Lötschberg located? Here!

  • Reservations

    The Raclette backpack can be rented year-round during the opening hours of Restaurant Lötschberg. You can make the reservation for the backpack via phone up to one hour before your departure. The backpack must be picked up and brought back during the opening hours of the restaurant.

    The rental fee must be paid on-site in cash or by card.

    Departure/Arrival Point

    Restaurant Le Lötschberg AOC
    Zeughausgasse 16
    3011 Bern
    Phone.: +41 (0)31 311 34 55
    E-Mail: info@loetschberg-aoc.ch

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