The 1838 Stagecoach Scandal – a Dinner Mystery

Dinner in the Middle of a Crime Scene: Travel back to the Year 1838 and Dive into True and Made-Up Stories of a Bern from Way Back When.

  • Information and Prices
    Availability Year-round
    Location Gurten – Park im Grünen
    Duration 3.5 hours (during dinner), time can be chosen freely
    Number of participants 7–40
    Price Starting at CHF 68.00 per person
    All-inclusive package: CHF 169.00 per person
    Services included in the price - Supervised interactive play
    - Preparation (assigning roles etc.)
    - Organisation
    Remarks Recommendation:
    Leave the organisation of your event to the event company and book the all-inclusive package. Apart from the interactive play, it contains a seasonal 3-course meal including mineral water, white and red wine and coffee as well as tickets for the Gurten funicular.


Did you know that stagecoaches used to illegally draw subventions from the Bern Burgergemeinde (“Citizen’s Community”)? What exactly happened? Who and what was behind it all? And who else had a secret to hide? The three-course dinner and interactive play about the fictitious 1838 stagecoach scandal in Bern will make for a unique and unforgettable evening.

Take on a role in the play yourself and dive into a world full of intrigue, deceit and shady characters. Your role will be assigned to you a day in advance – but don’t worry, you won’t have to prepare anything or learn any lines, and you don’t need any acting experience to participate. The roleplay takes place during dinner, in between the three courses. After about three hours, the Bernese stagecoach mystery will be solved, and you can round off the fun and exciting evening with a delicious dessert.

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