Outside Society

Outside Society moves meetings, Workshops and seminars beetwen June to September outdoors, creating a unique work environment far away from dull offices and urban soundscapes.


  • Max. Capacity Max. Capacity : 10
  • Carbon neutral Carbon neutral : Yes
  • Location Location : Bern

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Team meetings al fresco

Outside Society is for all those who want to escape the same old grey meeting rooms for a day and need a change of scenery. In their temporary outdoor office, teams can feel the productive energy of their surroundings and nature’s positive influence on their team spirit and creativity. From 12 June to 10 September 2023 Outside Society is setting up its cube under the trees at Zehendermätteli, an idyllic oasis on the Aare river. There’s an on-site restaurant, serving tasty menus made from ingredients straight out of the restaurant’s own garden to make sure no one has to work on an empty stomach.

Outside Society's solar-powered outdoor workspace fits up to ten people and can be opened on three sides, allowing for a maximum outdoor feeling without sacrificing the comfort of an office. The glass cube is equipped with a flexible furniture system, coffee maker, refrigerator, Wi-Fi, and sockets with solar power for recharging mobile devices as well as meeting infrastructure such as flip charts, Screen, Moderations and writing materials, and more. There’s also a terrace and a covered park bench, perfectly suited for breakout sessions.

Room capacities

  • Outside Society
    • Block shape Block shape : 10 (more people are possible in the outdoor area, weather permitting).
    • Size Size : 50
    • Natural light Natural light : yes
    • Room height Room height : 2.30m
    • Parking Spaces Parking Spaces : at the restaurant Zehendermätteli
    • Carbon neutral Carbon neutral : yes
    • Barrier-free Barrier-free : no
    • Distance to Train Station Distance to Train Station : 1.4 km (Tiefenau train station) - Taxidienst möglich
    • Public Transit Public Transit : 1.4 km (Tiefenau train station) - Taxidienst möglich
    • Event Equipment Event Equipment : yes

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