Museum at Burgdorf Castle

How did the Zähringen people live at this castle some 800 years ago? And how has living and working in Burgdorf changed over the centuries? Find the answers at Burgdorf Castle’s museum!

Learn everything about the history of the castle and the Emmental in the interactive exhibition. The diverse museum with its wondrous chambers, topical rooms, and interactive stations is a fun attraction for visitors of all ages. On the castle tour, you will learn how the Zähringen people lived 800 years ago – without internet or even refrigerators – see the largest Egyptian sarcophagus exhibited in Switzerland and discover all kinds of interesting objects from all over the world that have found their way to Burgdorf.

Museum at Burgdorf Castle

You will get to know the jobs of the Schultheissens, the mayors of the time, and meet knights and samurais, gold seekers and emigrants who look so real that you’ll be very tempted to think that they will come alive any moment! And in the castle’s courtroom, you can get a real feeling for court cases from back in the day. Multimedia shows and models of the city and the region take families, school classes, groups, and history enthusiasts on a journey to the past. And the castles’ very own ghost, Burdtli, will be your guide on a family tour with shadow puppetry and a surprise gift.

Round off your visit with a meal at the spacious restaurant: for lunch and dinner, it serves tasty à la carte meals as well as the yummy menu of the day.

If you’re looking for an extra special experience, stay at the Burgdorf Castle Youth Hostel, profit from free admission and get the opportunity of visiting the museum at night.

  • Museum Schloss Burgdorf

    3400 Burgdorf

    T +41 34 426 10 40


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