Special Trains and Carriages from SBB Charter

  • Max. Capacity : 210
  • Exceptional Location : Ja/Yes
  • Meeting and Travel : Ja/Yes

How does a team meeting at speeds of up to 200 km per hour sound to you? Trains are very efficient for traveling from A to B, but the different trains and carriages available for charter also offer a truly memorable backdrop for events.


  • Max. Capacity Max. Capacity : 210
  • Carbon neutral Carbon neutral : Yes
  • Barrier-free Barrier-free : Yes


Red Arrow «Churchill»

The special trains and carriages from SBB Charter guarantee unusual and – in the truest sense of the word – moving events. SBB has unique offers that make even the journey to an event a true experience. There are two different options available: Either a special carriage is added to an already scheduled train or an entire extra train is organized according to your personal timetable.  

Whether in the modern "Le Salon de Luxe" conference carriage or the legendary Red Arrow "Churchill", the passenger-participants not only travel together, but also become just as efficient as the Swiss railway system. The "Le Salon de Luxe" is equipped with a projector, screen and audio system and is therefore ideal for seminars and presentations. The carriage can be furnished specifically to suit your own needs and wishes. The Red Arrow "Churchill", whose name incidentally comes from the former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill’s train journey through Switzerland, can accommodate up to 110 guests.

Rooms and Capacities

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