Brunch at Lehrerzimmer – PROGR

A sheet of paper, a sharpened pencil, a cross here, a cross there – at Lehrerzimmer (teacher’s lounge), the guests get to put together their own brunch menu – no need to queue at the buffet.

Starting from 10 a.m. every Sunday, amidst high windows and bookcases, guests can enjoy the Lehrerzimmer’s “Frühstückspuzzle” (breakfast puzzle): instead of ordering from a menu, guests can mark the breakfast items they want on an order form to create an individual breakfast.

And just like with a real puzzle, you will have to face some challenges: are croissants, butter and jam enough or should you add scrambled eggs? And speaking of scrambled eggs: their egg dishes come in five variations, so you will also have to think about which kind of scrambled eggs you want. In addition to the usual breakfast staples, the Lehrerzimmer serves delicacies such as homemade cream cheese tapenades or salmon mousse with horseradish. The chutney is homemade as well and the vegetable salads are reinvented according to the season.

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