Lego Challenge

Revisit childhood memories while playing with Lego together with your team.

  • Information and Prices
    Available dates all year
    Venues Restaurant Wirtschaft zur Traube, Herrenschwanden
    Bauernhof Highland Gurten, Bern
    Restaurant Dählhölzli, Bern
    Kunst- und Kulturhaus VISAVIS, Bern
    any location of your choice in Switzerland
    Length of event 2 hours
    Number of participants 6–400 people
    Price CHF 40.00 per person
    Services included in price - event moderation in the Bern region
    - one set of 800 Lego bricks per team
    - event organization


Which group can build the highest and most stable tower? Divided into teams, you will compete against each other to build a tower of Lego bricks within a set time. Watch out, though: The building portion takes place in stages, and in between you have to keep solving tricky Lego tasks as quickly as possible. The clock keeps on ticking! And to make things even more difficult, the event organizers always like to add special challenges for the tower construction.

To end things off, you and the entire group will work together to create a large domino chain made of Lego bricks. Each team builds its own domino chain on a separate table and connects it to the table of the neighboring group with a bridge. Ultimately, the domino chain should fall down as smoothly as possible across all the tables and bridges. So, did it work?

Our tip: The Lego Challenge is a great way to finish off an intensive day of business or to take a creative break during a workshop.

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