Kunsthaus Langenthal (art house)

The Kunsthaus Langenthal exhibits contemporary art and is housed in the listed "Choufhüsi" (department store) on Marktgasse.

The imposing, light-blue building is situated in the middle of Langenthal’s lively shopping area. The construction of the late baroque building with its tower and four historic four-bell clocks lasted from 1790 to 1808 and was built according to plans by Joseph Purtschert. The architectural work of the 18th and 19th centuries is unimaginable without the Purtschert family of master builders. Until 1894, the Kunsthaus was a department store, and has been serving as an art house since 1992.

Every year, the Kunsthaus hosts several exhibitions that take on new topics and reflect emerging structures in contemporary art. The focus is on current Swiss art, although international works are also shown, depending on the subject. Interdisciplinary events aimed at a broad public enrich and enliven the exhibition programme and enable visitors to enter into dialogue.

  • Fact

    The Kunsthaus Langenthal offers public or literary guided tours, children’s workshops, readings, con-certs, performances or work and panel discussions. Further information is available on the website.

  • Kunsthaus Langenthal

    Marktgasse 13
    4900 Langenthal

    T +41 62 922 60 55

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