Discover the World of Coffee from Bean to Brew

At the Aromawerk coffee roastery, coffee aficionados get to know the entire journey of coffee from cultivation to preparation. The participants have the opportunity to roast coffee, taste test it, and compare it to other roasted coffees in an experience for all senses.

  • Information and Prices
    Location Aromawerk coffee roastery, Aromawerk GmbH,
    Sulgenrain 22, 3007 Bern
    Duration 2-2.5 hours
    Price 2-4 participants: CHF 90.00 per person
    5-9 participants: CHF 70.00 per person
    10-30 participants: CHF 50.00 per person
    Services included in the price Coffee roasted by the group can be taken home, unlimited coffee from espresso makers during the visit
    Remarks Aromawerk is happy to organize individual catering options for an additional charge

Aromawerk coffee roastery

What makes a good coffee? The coffee experts of the Aromawerk roastery let you in on the most important secrets of every stage of coffee production. In the first, theoretical part of your visit, you will dive into the history of coffee, get to know different species and varieties, and learn more about production and consumption countries, post-harvest processes, and green coffee export.

Then the visit becomes hands-on: In the roaster, the flavours are brought out of the imported green coffee. The participants learn how and why coffee is roasted, what the difference between pre-blending and post-blending is, and which green coffee is best for which coffee beverage. When everyone knows how the roaster works and what degrees of roasting and roast profiles are, you can get started: the green coffee beans are weighed, a blend is composed, and the coffee roasted. 

After experiencing the “first crack” and completing the roast, it’s time to taste test the freshly roasted coffee and compare it to other roasted coffees. You can try as many of the different coffee beverages as you want, and of course take home the coffee that you roasted. Aromawerk is happy to arrange snacks for the group.

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