Flyer - an Ingenious Success Story

Take a peek behind the scenes of Flyer AG on a factory visit, spend a fun and exciting day on e-bikes with your friends, or participate in an informative class – it’s all possible at the home of the renowned Swiss e-bike manufacturer in Huttwil.

Factory visit

The tours for individual guests last about one hour and are rounded off with a 30-minute test ride on the newest e-bike models. They are free of charge and no reservations are required. More information and dates for the visits can be found on this page.

The dates and times for group tours can be chosen by the guests. A group tour lasts about one hour and, for the grand finale, participants can take the different Flyer e-bike models for a spin. If you’re in the mood for a day trip, the best option is to book a package including factory visit, e-bike tour, and catering. More information can be found on this page.

E-bike classes

Flyer AG offers various one-day classes in which participants can improve their e-bike skills and knowledge.

Flyer offers the following classes:

  • "Safety training”
  • “E-MTB riding skills training”
  • “E-MTB Refresh Kurs” refresh class
  • “E-bike maintenance course”

More information can be found on this page

Individual offers

Take advantage of our individual offers to enjoy time with your loved ones and discover the beautiful Emmental valley with its traditional farmhouses, rolling hills and culinary delights by e-bike.

Flyer offers the following tours:

  • E-romance in the Emmental
  • FLYER Foodtrail in the Emmental

More information can be found on this page.


    Schwende 1
    4950 Huttwil

    T +41 62 959 55 55

    Website Directions

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