Hiking Tour Gantrisch Panoramic Trail

SchweizMobil Route 379: Plaffeien (Zollhaus)–Gurnigelbad

The 21-km Gantrisch Panoramic Trail leads from Plaffeien to Gurnigelbad. This high-altitude trail through the Alpine foothills is impressive for its many spectacular viewpoints. The route is made up of well-maintained and amply signposted paths, and can be tackled in stages.

The route starts in Zollhaus at Plaffeien in the Carton of Fribourg, before carrying on to Pfyffe via Hällstett and the Horbüel Pass and then continuing to Süftene via the Gäggersteg. The trail then passes via the Schüpfeflue to the lookout point at Selibüel and then on to the Berghaus Gurnigel and down to Gurnigelbad.

  • Information
    Length 21 km
    Hiking time
    Plaffeien (Zollhaus)–Gurnigelbad
    7 h 25 min
    Hiking time Gurnigelbad–Plaffeien (Zollhaus) 7 h 10 min
    Requirements easy (hiking trail)
    Conditions difficult
    Height difference
    Plaffeien (Zollhaus)–Gurnigelbad
    1150 m
    Height difference
    Gurnigelbad–Plaffeien (Zollhaus)
    850 m
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