Scottish Highland Games on the Gurten

Grow together as a team: compete in different Scottish games and boost your energy and athletic prowess with fine Whisky and a delicious barbecue.

  • Information and Prices
    When May–October
    Duration 2 hours
    Number of participants Min. 30–200

    The minimum number of participants is non-negotiable
    Price Starting at CHF 50.00 per person
    Services included in the price - Supervised team games of your choice
    - Kilts
    - Gear
    - Score sheets
    - Award ceremony
    - Venue rent
    - Cleanup
    - Organisation
    - Excl. VAT
    Remarks Whenever possible, the games are set up indoors or in a covered courtyard. If necessary, the food will also be served indoors. That way, the event can take place in all weather conditions.


You don’t have to travel all the way to Scotland to participate in the legendary Highland Games – you can be part of the traditional Scottish games on Bern’s local mountain! Change into a kilt, boost your energy with a tasty snack and let the games begin. Which team will take home the coveted Highland Trophy?

You will be divided into teams and then compete and collect points in the caber toss, Scottish cricket and many other disciplines. And what would the Highland Games be without a glass of Single Malt Whisky in between games to keep you motivated?

You can try your luck in the following disciplines:

  • Catapult
  • Hayball pushing
  • Rolling pin toss
  • Caber toss
  • Welly toss
  • Hit the rat
  • Archery
  • Whisky tasting
  • Horseshoe toss
  • Laser skeet shooting
  • Milking
  • Shot put
  • Blowgun
  • Clan seesaw
  • Scottish cricket

After the Games, sit back, relax and reward yourself with the delicious, hearty Highland Barbecue high above the city of Bern to end your active Scottish day with your team.

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