Herzschlaufe Napf

The Herzroute developers are adding a new cycling tour route: the “Herzschlaufe Napf.” The route circuits the Napf over the course of three one-day stages, or 150 km in total, showcasing some of the gorgeous scenery from the Emmental, Oberaargau and Entlebuch regions.

The new Herzschlaufe circles the Napf on small roads – some very small – and includes high elevations but also dusky trenches and ravines. The combination of rustic landscape and infrequent traffic makes for a perfect cycling trail – that is, assuming you have an e-bike, which is highly recommended for tackling the differences in elevation along this route. Between the stage points of Willisau, Langnau and Entlebuch, the individual stretches of 40 to 60 km offer a wealth of cycling pleasure, including scenic views that are sure to impress even the locals.

Entlebuch, Emmental and Oberaargau form a green ring around the Napf, which displays some of its greatest charms at close range. Equipped with an e-bike, cyclists can enjoy one-day or multiple-day tours through some lesser-known areas of Switzerland.

  • Information
    Route Strength Altitude difference
    Willisau - Langnau 57 km 1‘500 difference in altitude
    Langnau - Entlebuch 44 km 1‘100 difference in altitude
    Entlebuch - Willisau 54 km 1'600 difference in altitude

    The stages can be made in both directions and are continuously signposted as Route 399. E-bikes rentals stations are located in Willisau, Langnau and Entlebuch. It is recommended to book in advance: www.herzroute.ch

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