Hb Eyewear Switzerland

With the infinite diversity of lifestyles always in focus, we design and develop glasses that match, complement and enhance your life.

Ergonomic shapes, versatile and timeless design, and innovative details define the look and feel of Hb glasses and sunglasses.

State-of-the-art production technologies and 72 individual production steps, all executed by master craftsmen, build the DNA of Hb glasses, which are ultralight and made of carefully selected wood.

A long-time frustrated wearer of spectacles himself, Hb founder and designer Marco Zimmermann created glasses that perfectly fit any kind of face and head. Even though Hb glasses come with a much closer and
therefore more comfortable fit, they don’t get any dirtier. They are unparalleled in wear comfort, general stability and longevity.

Thanks to the ergonomically shaped nose pads and temples, painful pressure marks are a thing of the past. Even if vigorously shaking your head, bending over or dancing in the rain, Hb glasses will stay right where they belong, tightly and snugly on your nose, like a loving touch of nature.


  • Hb Eyewear Switzerland

    Wylerringstrasse 39
    3014 Bern

    T +41313321360

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