Gymkhana Route with Alpakas

Who leads the alpaca fastest through the Gymkhana Parcour?

  • Information & Prices
    Duration 1h 30min — 3 hrs
    Prices CHF 25.00

    including supervision with introduction to alpacas and the course, timekeeping and winner's ribbons

    Aperitifs, brunches, lunches or dinners can be reserved as well at the farm's restaurant (Heubüni Ortschwaben)

Visitors choose their favourite from the herd on the "Alpakahof Bern" and compete against each other in the Gymkhana course. The trust between man and alpaca is as decisive for the match as time. Who bets on the right alpaca? Who has the best fine touch to guide the animal quickly through the obstacle course? The three fastest teams are awarded with a bow. A great experience for big and small, animal guides and spectators!

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