Gymkhana with Alpacas

A competition with a twist: Who will be the fastest to lead their alpaca around the obstacle course?

  • Information and Prices
    Length of tour 1.5–3 hrs
    Price CHF 25.00 per person
    Services included in price - Introduction to handling alpacas and the obstacle course
    - Timekeeping
    - Ribbons for the winners
    Comments You can also make a reservation in the "Heubüni Ortschwaben" restaurant for drinks and finger foods, brunch, lunch or dinner.


Have you ever heard of a gymkhana? It is a skills tournament that tests dexterity and the partnership between human and animal. Together with an alpaca, you will compete against others to complete the obstacle course.

Before the race begins, the participants are allowed to choose their favorite alpaca from the herd at the Alpakahof Bern. Who will select the right alpaca? And who has the best handler’s instincts to guide the animal through the obstacle course as quickly as possible? The gymkhana tournament offers the ideal supporting program for an entertaining break, while fostering team-building skills – with competitive fun and laughter guaranteed!

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