Felsenau Brewery

Felsenau – Bern’s beer: brewed directly on the Aare river in the capital’s oldest brewery.

The Felsenau Brewery in Bern’s industrial zone has been brewing craft beer and working on the best recipes since 1881. All beers are the product of passion, knowledge passed on over generations, and constant striving for the highest quality. For the brewing process, the traditional fermentation in open vats is paired with state-of-the-art technology.

Twenty employees are in charge of all the processes at the Felsenau Brewery. Its beers are enjoyed from Bern to Biel to Langenthal to Gstaad – with a few famous exceptions. Various partners deliver the beers to restaurants, shops, households, and events of all sizes, from family gatherings to music festivals.

  • Fact

    Every year, the Felsenau brewery produces around 25,000 hectolitres of beer. That’s some 8.3 million “Stangen” (0.3 dl) – plus the odd “Herrgöttli” (0.2 dl).

The most famous and widely known child of the Felsenau brewery is, of course, the Bärner Müntschi beer. However, the brewery’s other beers are in no way inferior to the city’s favourite in terms of quality and taste. All in all, ten classic beer styles are brewed at Felsenau, of which eight are always available and two are seasonal beers, brewed for spring and winter.

  • Brauerei Felsenau AG

    Strandweg 34
    3004 Bern

    T +41 (0) 31 301 22 08

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