Bernese Farm Games

Compete against Each Other in Teams and Discover Hidden Talents While Milking Cows and Trying Yourself at Archery or the Potato Catapult in These Fun Farm Games!

  • Information and Prices
    When March–October
    Duration 2 hours
    Number of participants 20–300
    Price Starting at CHF 50.00 per person
    Services included in the price - Supervised games of your choice
    - “Sackhosen” (“bag pants”)
    - Gear
    - Score sheets
    - Award ceremony
    - Venue rent
    - Cleanup
    - Event organisation
    - Excl. VAT
    Remarks Whenever possible, games are set up indoors or in a covered space. If necessary, the food will also be served indoors. That way, the event can take place in all weather conditions.


Get to know your colleagues in a relaxed setting away from work and everyday stress: compete against each other in teams in the fun farm games that will bring out talents you didn’t know you had. Which team will be the best in traditional Swiss sports such as flag spinning or “Hornussen”? Each game is supervised by an event leader who explains the games, is responsible for safety and writes down the results.

Possible farm games:

  • Competitive cow milking
  • Team ski race
  • Nostalgic ninepins
  • Cowbell cricket
  • “Lisme” (knitting)
  • Fahnenschwingen (flag spinning)
  • Crossbow shooting
  • Appenzeller Talerschwingen (“coin rolling”)
  • Hornussen (a Swiss national sport)
  • Archery
  • Potato catapult
  • And many more

After the games, the points will be added up and the winning team will be announced and their victory celebrated. Then, you’ll be treated to a delicious meal – you’ve earned it! Relax and enjoy the hearty barbecue and delicious homemade specialties with your colleagues after a fun day of farm games.

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