Experience Bern by Ricksha Walla

Rikscha Walla shows you the best corners and squares in Bern and has first-hand knowledge of all the insiders’ tips - ensuring a unique experience!

Discover Bern in flexible style, protected from the rain, with Sohan and his rickshaw taxi. He knows the most beautiful corners of Bern, the best squares for enjoying views of the Alps, and the finest restaurants.

As a bonus for his guests, the Rikscha Walla also offers guests a couple of insiders’ tips. Indian by birth, Sohan has lived in Switzerland for 10 years. He was born in New Delhi, where he began earning a living as a rickshaw driver and tourist guide in 1992. Love eventually drew him to Bern, where he has now lived since 2004.

  • Rikscha Walla

    Breitfeldstrasse 23
    3014 Bern

    T +41 79 105 35 05

    Website Directions

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