E-Bike Tour Herzroute from Lausanne to Rohrschach

SchweizMobil Route 99: Herzroute from Lausanne to Rohrschach

The Herzroute (Heart Route) allows visitors to explore some of the most beautiful landscapes in Switzerland and serves as a reminder that the journey really is the goal. The route wends its way through the green Alpine foothills, with a valley full of its own unique charm just waiting to be explored behind every chain of hills. An electric bike is the ideal companion for exploring this landscape, and rental points and battery charging stations can be found along the way. This means that the route is suitable for pleasure-seeking cyclists of all ages.

  • Information
    Stages 13
    Total length 710 km
    Requirements medium
    Conditions difficult
    Height difference 13100 m
  • SchweizMobil: Cycling in Switzerland


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