E-Bike Tour de Berne – Mountain Views

SchweizMobil Route 391: Tour de Berne – Mountain Views

This 41-km route heads out from Bern to Gerzensee and Belp before returning to Bern. After starting at the main railway station in Bern, it passes through the Aare valley towards Bern-Belp Airport, offering a close-up view of planes during take-off and landing. A short but strenuous climb takes cyclists up to Gerzensee, after which the route finally leads back to Bern-Belp Airport and then to Bern via Kaufdorf. Cultural highlights of this route include the Gerzensee Castle and a visit to the Dählhölzli Zoological Garden.

  • Information
    Length 41 km
    Requirements easy
    Conditions medium
    Height difference 310 m

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