Detective Trail Treasure Hunt

Let’s go on a treasure hunt! The Detective Trail takes you on an exciting exploration of the Swiss capital. With the help of Inspector Dachs, both young and old sleuths will learn all about Bern’s highlights and discover places that they would never find on an ordinary city stroll. Puzzles, excitement and an entertaining afternoon are guaranteed!

Best-ever riddle adventure

Anyone who follows the pictures on the city map and the instructions from Detective Dachs will find a mysterious treasure chest at the end of the hunt. A certain amount of intuition is required, since only those sleuths who correctly combine the clues along the way and solve the riddles will uncover the numbers they need at the end of the trail to unlock the chest.

The exciting race through the streets and lanes of Bern offers families, adults, couples and school classes an unforgettable experience. How about going on a treasure hunt during a corporate event or club outing?

Clear heads needed

Keen eyesight and ingenuity are the main requirements for a successful treasure hunt. To find the right solutions you have to answer tricky questions, examine city fountains down to the last detail, carefully inspect wall murals and count objects. During this riddle adventure, clever sleuths will also learn many interesting and amazing facts about Bern.

Participants who do not take any long breaks and find the fastest route to the goal can cover the 4.5 km trail in around two hours. However, it is worthwhile to plan enough extra time for additional exploring. During the mystery walk through the UNESCO World Heritage Site in Bern, there are many lovely spots to discover. The winding lanes in the Old Town, the magnificent old sandstone buildings and charming arcades create a one-of-a-kind setting for this exciting outdoor activity. If anyone starts to sweat while puzzling things out, they can take a quick dip in the Aare river and enjoy the refreshing turquoise water.

Halfway through the hunt, a detour to the BearPark is also popular. You can have a picnic while watching the bears play, climb or take a swim. Our tip for poor weather: Seek shelter at the “Altes Tramdepot” restaurant, dry out your damp clothes and watch the brewers brewing the city’s famous “tram beers”.

How it works

Setting up a Detective Trail is easy and quickly organized. You can download the treasure map to your smartphone for eight francs using the online app, then print it out at home or at the Tourist Information at the train station or the BearPark in Bern. This way you can participate in the city treasure hunt spontaneously and without advance reservations. The Detective Trail Treasure Hunt begins at the Bern train station, where the first riddle awaits eager detectives. From there, the route directions and clues from Inspector Dachs will lead treasure hunters onward to the next point. Whoever uncovers the correct numbers at the end can open the chest and enjoy the treasure as a prize.

Please note: The treasure map is only available in German. For further information regarding the trail, please contact City Tours Bern by e-mail or tel.: +41 31 328 12 12.

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    Bahnhofplatz 10a
    3011 Bern

    T +41 31 328 12 12

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