Cycling Tour Thun, Heimberg–Langenthal

SchweizMobil Route 84: Mittelländer Hill Route, Stage 1, Thun, Heimberg–Langenthal

As the name suggests, the Mittelländer Hill Route leads cyclists through a picturesque landscape of hills. The first of its four stages covers a section from Heimberg bei Thun to Langenthal. After leaving Heimberg, the route continues to Walkringen via Konolfingen, and then on to Langenthal via Burgdorf and Wynigen.

  • Information
    Length 66 km
    Requirements easy
    Conditions medium
    Height difference
    Thun, Heimberg–Langenthal
    440 m
    Height difference
    Langenthal–Thun, Heimberg
    520 m

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