Cycling Tour Laupen-Burgdorf

SchweizMobil Route 34: Alter Bernerweg, Stage 2, Laupen-Burgdorf

The Alter Bernerweg passes through the former peasant lands of the Bernese lords, and the second stage takes cyclists from Laupen to Burgdorf.

After leaving the small historic town of Laupen, the route passes through natural and agricultural landscapes on its way towards the capital. Cyclists then travel from the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site to Moossee Lake, and finally past sprawling fields to Kirchberg and Burgdorf.

  • Information
    Length 43 km
    Requirements easy
    Conditions medium
    Height difference
    Laupen–Burgdorf (Kirchberg)
    300 m
    Height difference
    Burgdorf (Kirchberg)–Laupen
    280 m

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