Cycling Tour Burgdorf–Escholzmatt

SchweizMobil Route 24: Emmental–Entlebuch Stage 2, Burgdorf–Escholzmatt

The second stage of the Emmental–Entlebuch Route takes cyclists from Burgdorf to Escholzmatt. The route leads through meadows and woodland, past farms and along the Emme into Gotthelf’s home village of Lützelflüh and then on to Langnau, where the original Emmental cheese is still made. From there, the route continues to Trubschachen, famous as the home of Kambly Bretzeli biscuits, before heading in the direction of Wiggen and Escholzmatt.

  • Information
    Length 36 km
    Requirements easy
    Conditions easy
    Height difference
    340 m
    Height difference
    10 m

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