Cruising the Three Lakes Region

Enjoy a boat trip along the Aare river, a tour on Lake Biel, or a Three Lakes cruise across Lakes Biel, Neuchâtel and Murten.

The unique boat trip along the Aare river between Biel and Solothurn is truly memorable. You'll discover the storks in Altreu, see the historic town of Büren and experience an impressive lock passage.

Discover the Seeland District on a tour on Lake Biel. The scenery is characterized by hillside vineyards, colorful forests and idyllic winegrowing villages. You won't want to miss a visit to St. Peter's Island, a favorite destination on Lake Biel.
The Three Lake's cruise between Biel and Murten is a classic excursion in the Seeland District. The new listening tour on the boat offers many interesting facts about the region.

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