Bernese Scavenger Hunt – on Madame de Meuron’s Tracks

“Syt dir öpper oder nämet dir Lohn?” (“Are You Somebody or Do You Get a Salary?”) This and Many Other Anecdotes Are Just as Much Part of the Bernese Eccentric Madame De Meuron as the Bear Is Part of the City’s Coat of Arms.

  • Information and Prices
    Availability Year-round
    Number of participants Up to 100
    Duration 2–3 hours
    Price Up to 12 participants: CHF 360.00 group flat rate
    13 participants and more: CHF 30.00 per person

    Aperitif and hors d’oeuvres at the restaurant Altes Tramdepot, optional: CHF 10.00 per person
    Services included in the price - Supervision
    - Riddles
    - Ranking
    - Award ceremony
    - Event organisation
    - Excl. VAT
    Remarks Rainy weather:
    The event can take place in any weather if you bring a raincoat or umbrella.

    No specific requirements or prior knowledge necessary.


The famous/infamous Bernese Patrician Madame de Meuron will take you on an interactive scavenger hunt through “her” city of Bern. Discover and experience a different side of the UNESCO World Heritage Site and its quirks and dive into the past and present of the federal city.

But who is this Madame de Meuron?
Louise Elisabeth de Meuron-von Tscharner, better known as Madame de Meuron, was a Bernese eccentric and one of the last members and proponents of Bern’s aristocracy. She came from a good family, a long line of Bernese Patricians. Sadly, various tragic incidents turned the once joyful, spirited woman into a lonesome, broken lady. She became brisk, unfriendly and arrogant. With her provocative comments and eccentric appearance – she would always wear black clothing and large hats and carry an ear trumpet – she became an integral part of Bern.

Before the scavenger hunt begins, you will be divided into teams and receive riddles and questions on Madame de Meuron which you will have to solve on your tour of Bern’s Old Town. And then off you go! Which team will be the first to find all the answers? Round off the fun and exciting experience with a cold Bernese beer at Altes Tramdepot and toast the winning team.

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