City Crime Academy

Interrogating, combining clues, following leads through Bern’s Old Town – the City Crime Academy will turn your team members into crime-solving investigators!

  • Information and Prices
    When Year-round
    Duration 2–3 hours
    Number of participants 20–1,000
    Prices According to personalised offer

    Base flat rate:
    Up to 23 participants: CHF 2,500.00
    24-50 participants: CHF 109.00 per person
    51-100 participants: CHF 99.00 per person
    101 participants and more: CHF 89.00 per person
    Services included in the price Event preparation:
    • consulting
    • scheduling
    • adaptation to individual final location

    Event realisation:
    supervision by experienced and motivated event leaders and guides during the entire event (introduction, division into teams, support, showdown)

    • investigator’s bag including tablet
    • map
    • case file

    Software features:
    • live scoreboard
    • team is visible
    • live investigator chat

    At the end of the event: souvenir photos, Crime Academy certificate


We’re sure you’ve tried bowling, mystery dinners and archery. This year, why not have your team take on a criminal case and join a Crime Academy? There’s a lot to learn! The teams are tested in skills such as IT espionage, silently following a suspect or investigating a case. Who will pass the tests of the secret academy and join the ranks of master detectives? Go on a crime-solving adventure and see if you’re just as smart as Sherlock Holmes, Magnum or Columbo.

Team Building by Solving a Crime

This mystery can only be solved by working together as a team. The group size of six to eight investigators is ideal for team building activities. For a few hours, the participants take on the role of future investigators, with modern technology such as tablet, GPS tracking and miniature cameras to help them. The supervisor is always in contact with them and can give valuable tips and advice. After successfully graduating from the Crime Academy, the team members can call themselves master detectives and start investigating.

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