Thörishaus Campground

Whether you want to set up your RV for the summer or pitch your tent for a night – with its even, grassy terrain and beautiful trees, the campground in Thörishaus is the ideal location.

Its unique location right by the idyllic Sense river – which, by the way, is said to be Switzerland’s most natural river – is perfect for bathing, fishing, and relaxing. And there’s lots to discover and experience nearby: a hike along the popular Schwarzwasser stream, a draisine ride in Laupen or canoeing on pretty lake Schiffen.

After a day of exploring, you don’t need to go far for a good dinner: the campground’s restaurant “Sense Au” serves a selection of Swiss and Asian dishes, from the Vietnamese noodle soup Pho Ga to fish fingers with French fries to the traditional sausage salad – there’s something for everyone.

  • Information
    Stars No stars
    Season Only in the summer, April–October
    Campsites for tents and camper vans 30 for guests and about 230 for seasonal camping
    Rooms None
    Leisure and activities No activities on the campground.
    Ideal for tourists visiting the city or as a stop-and-go campground for people travelling south.

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