Bungee Surfing on the Aare River

Are You and Your Fellow Team Members on the Same Wavelength? Go Bungee Surfing on the Aare River and Find Out!

  • Information and Prices
    Availability Ca. April–October, depending on the weather (on request)
    Duration About 6 hours
    Number of participants 10 max.
    Price CHF 500.00
    Services included in the price - Gear
    - BBQ
    Remarks The meeting point is communicated in advance.


Who needs the sea when you have the Aare river? If you’re walking along the streets of Bern and come across a person in a wetsuit carrying a surfboard – don’t worry, you’re not going crazy. Bern is not only the capital of relaxedness, it’s also a very popular place for river surfing, or rather, for bungee surfing.

Bungee surfing developed from “Aarebrättle”. Instead of an old wooden board and a static rope like before, an actual surfboard and an elastic bungee rope are now used for gliding on the water. The rope is attached to a bridge, a pole or a tree and the surfer holds onto the other end with one hand.

From April to October, you can learn from bungee surfing experts how to surf on the Aare river. A new, fun and exciting experience for everyone who loves water, adventures and outdoor activities!

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