Bühnen Bern (Bernese Stages)

Ballet, drama, opera or the Bern Symphony Orchestra: The Stadttheater Bern (Bern’s municipal theatre) on Kornhausplatz should definitely be on a culture enthusiasts’ agenda.

The Bühnen Bern offers more than 400 performances and concerts per season (in theatre jargon, a season lasts from the end of August to July), spanning from Wagner’s «Ring» cycle, the modern musical, the Swiss classic «The Black Spider» to the new choreographies of Bern’s ballet. There is definitely something for everyone. In addition to the well-known classics, you can also see world premieres and first performances at the Bühnen Bern. The Bern Symphony Orchestra also plays various concerts at the Casino Bern, with world stars such as Regula Mühlemann, Jaap van Zweden as well as Sophie Hunger, and accompanies the opera at the Stadttheater Bern to create unforgettable evenings in this magnificent theatre on the Kornhausplatz. With its two stages, the Vidmarhallen in Liebefeld offer additional venues for various contemporary theatre performances. The high artistic quality of Bühnen Bern’s productions also attracts attention and awards from beyond the cantonal borders, and – in addition to their loyal regulars – brings in a constant stream of new fans.

Bühnen Bern

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The extensive programme is complemented by rehearsal visits, introductions to the plays and a diverse programme for children and young adults, including drama clubs, dance projects and premiere classes.

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    There are free introductory matinees for opera and drama, rehearsal visits for ballet, and the Bern Symphony Orchestra also offers morning concerts for a small fee. You can find more information here .

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    Kornhausplatz 20
    3011 Bern

    T +41 31 329 52 52

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