Brunch at Restaurant Lötschberg

Breakfast at the centrally located restaurant Lötschberg is available all week long and they also serve brunch on Saturdays. The rule of thumb here: cheese is king.


Breathe in deeply in the Restaurant Lötschberg and it’ll become clear that it’s all about cheese. You will find anything from Bernese alpine cheese to Sbrinz and Tête de Moine here. This restaurant is popular with locals and tourists alike and specialises in traditional Swiss cuisine. Their motto applies to lunch and dinner but also rings true for the first meal of the day: you can choose three different cheeses as the basis for your breakfast, and bacon and scrambled eggs are added to the mix for brunch on weekends. If you’re looking for a hearty brunch, go for the “Bärnerbrunch” (Bernese brunch) that consists of cheese, jam & Co. accompanied by Rösti, bacon and fried eggs. Included with every breakfast: a refreshing fruit juice from the Valais.

In the summertime – and weather permitting – the Lötschberg brunch will be served outdoors. And since the restaurant is in the middle of Bern’s old town, your brunch is served with a side of entertaining people-watching.

PS: If you’re not a cheese lover, try the more subtle “Blitzfrühstück” (speedy breakfast).

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