Brunch at the Emmental Cheese Show Dairy

There’s a Swiss folk song that goes: “Mir Senne heis lustig, mir Senne heis guet.” (“We are dairymen and we’re having a good time”) But it’s not just dairymen who get their money’s worth at the “Sennebrunch” (Sunday dairymen’s brunch) at the Emmental Cheese Show Dairy.

How about a nice piece of Emmental cheese? The centrepiece of the breakfast buffet in the Emmental Cheese Show Dairy is – not surprisingly – the cheese station. From Mutschli and Emmentaler AOP with various degrees of maturity to Stöckli cheese, which is produced over an open fire – it’s everything a brunch fan could wish for. They offer different breads and croissants from the village bakery, homemade jam, yoghurt, and muesli as well as regional sausages. You can also order Rösti in different variations – natural or deluxe, with fried ham and fried egg. If you haven’t had enough after that, you can indulge in the many sweet delicacies on the buffet.

  • Tipp

    On the six other days of the week, the traditional restaurant also serves a hearty à la carte breakfast.

  • Emmentaler Schaukäserei

    Schaukäsereistrasse 6
    3416 Affoltern im Emmental

    T + 41 34 435 16 11

    Website Directions

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