Bike Tour Thun–Sangernboden

Route 2: Panorama Bike, Stage 11, Thun–Sangernboden

The Panorama Bike route takes mountain bikers all the way from Lake Constance to Lake Geneva. The 42-km eleventh stage, from Thun to Sangernboden, passes right through the middle of the Canton of Bern. After leaving Thun, the route passes through Amsoldingen and Blumenstein, leading past fields and small lakes up to the Gurnigel. The route then heads downhill across the Gantrisch region towards Ottenleuebad, before finally arriving in Sangernboden.

  • Information
    Length 42km
    Requirements medium
    Conditions medium
    Height difference Thun–Sangernboden 1200 m
    Height difference Sangernboden–Thun 800 m

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