Bike Tour Gurnigelwald-Gürbe

SchweizMobil Route 504: Gurnigelwald-Gürbe

This feeder path to the Gurnigelwald-Gürbe route starts off from Blumenstein and firstly follows the Panorama Bike Route, before heading downhill to the Gurnigel Berghaus through the Bluemisteiwald woods. Mountain bikers must then contend with a somewhat narrow and bumpy but nevertheless fun descent. After a long gravel path, the final obstacle of the 22-km route comes when crossing the Gürbe river; some courageous cyclists simply pedal through the water, but most sling their bikes over their shoulders to cross to the other side using the stone slates.

  • Information
    Length 22 km
    Requirements medium
    Conditions medium
    Height difference Blumenstein–Blumenstein 1190 m

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