Bike Tour Gibelegg-Längeneibad

SchweizMobil Route 505: Gibelegg–Längeneibad

The route from Gibelegg to Längeneibad offers continual ups and downs which will appeal to any mountain biker. After leaving Riggisberg, it passes over quiet paved streets up to the Gibelegg woods, before following a zigzag trail through the woods up to the Gibelegg. The route then travels over bumpy ground down to Schwand, before another short climb up to Längeneibad.

Anyone presuming that the rest of the route will be flat has a surprise in store, since it immediately heads downhill to Rütiplötsch and then straight back up again to the north face of the Gibelegg. The final descent of the route then takes mountain bikers back to Riggisberg.

  • Information
    Length 24 km
    Requirements medium
    Conditions medium
    Height difference
    780 m

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