Bernese hospitality

The typical cafés and bars found in the alleyways and cellars of the Old Town, together with Bern’s genuine warm hospitality, make Bern a unique city experience.

The Swiss capital city Bern is unlike any of those typical capital cities that we know as the world's busiest centers. For the Bernese, hurry and hectic are foreign words.

Bern stays true to the character it has evolved over centuries, while most other cities in the world are increasingly the same.

Bern decelerates. The Bernese are not in a hurry, which other Swiss like to joke about. While the Bernese are thoughtful, they are not sluggish. They are also leisurely, pleasant and value-conscious. Thanks to these qualities, the Bernese have been able to keep Bern a jewel and make it inviting for visitors to linger.

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