Bernese Mandelbärli are the city’s 'sweet ambassadors' – the culinary counterpart to Bern’s symbol, the bear.

The traditional Bärenreigen (bear dance) was used as relief decor for the hourly bell of the Church of the Holy Ghost, which was cast in 1596. The mechanical figures on the Clock Tower also depict the 'bear dance', showing the former city guard dutifully making their rounds. This bear dance was the inspiration for Glatz pastry chefs to create these light and delicious almond bears. 

In addition to the original vanilla flavor, the chocolate, Irish cream, lemon and cappuccino versions have already become classics. Creative pastry chefs ensure that new flavors are increasingly being added as seasonal varieties, including pistachio, honey, coconut, blueberry, chestnut, strawberry and Christmas Mandelbärli.

  • Selling points
    • Glatz-Filialen, Bern (city and region)
    • Bäckerei Reinhard, Bern (city and region)
    • Coop, Bern (city and region)
    • Globus, Bern (city)
    • Loeb, Bern (city)
    • Zytglogge-Kiosk, Bern (city)
    • Bärli-Kiosk, Bern (city)

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