Bernese Farmers' Association

Discover Bern’s Farms. An unforgettable day in the lavender field, delicious and sustainable products for a farm-tastic picnic, Bernese hospitality, and a classroom with a twist: Bern’s farms have a lot to offer.

They don’t only produce food and rear animals, they also run farm shops and serve fresh meals at their own bistros, and there’s all kinds of interesting things you can learn on Bernese farms. Their animals are treated well, their products are regional, healthy, and delicious, and the restaurants and farm shops welcoming. The farms also open their stables to schools and offer “school on the farm” for pupils of all ages, giving them an insight into the workings of a farm and the everyday life of Bernese farmers.

Discover farmhouse cuisine and indulge on a delicious meal on an alp, in a silo, a hay loft, an old barn, or a farm parlour. Be it a simple “Besenbeiz” bistro, a cozy “Stübli” restaurant, a festive hall, or a large barn – Bern’s farming families offer different venues and services for events of all sorts.

Shop at the farm and enjoy at home: at their farm shops, Bern’s farmers offer a varied selection of regional, seasonal, fresh products.

Leave the hustle and bustle of the city behind and head to the countryside: Recharge your batteries while vacationing on a Bernese farm. Many of the farms rent out well-equipped holiday flats. Or maybe you’re intrigued by the prospect of a night in a hay loft or a wonderfully scented lavender field? After all, the delicate purple blossoms are known for their relaxing and calming qualities.

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