Berne Animal Park

Visitors can explore Berne Animal Park 365 days a year. Numerous domestic and exotic animals have found a home between the Aare and the Dählhölzli Forest, an area that boasts "more space for fewer animals."

Around half of the animal park is not part of the vivarium and is accessible free of charge. Northern European animal species can be observered here, including the ibex, beaver and wild boar. An admission fee is charged to enter the vivarium and its outdoor area, which is home to monkeys, puffins, eagle and snowy owls, and many more species.

Visitors can watch seals splashing around or observe brown bears in the zoo's bear forest. Another highlight is the visitor's platform overlooking the wisent forest.

Kids visiting the children's zoo are not only able to experience sheep, ponies and miniature pigs up close but they can also watch some species being fed, take a carriage ride and let off steam in the playground. The grill area next to the wolf enclosure and the Restaurant Dählhölzli along the Aare are welcome spots to spend some time. All paths are wheelchair-accessible.

  • Opening times
    Summer hours 08:30 - 19:00
    Winter hours 09:00 - 17:00

    Open 365 days a year.


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