Bern Animal Park, BearPark

The home of the Bernese bears is located on the banks of the Aare river and with the view of Bern’s Old City. At the BearPark, the three Bernese bears the bears “Finn”, “Björk” and “Ursina” can be observed while playing, eating and swimming in the pool.

  • Fact

    Calm has returned in the BearPark: Finn, Björk and Ursina have retreated into their caves for the cold winter and will be back in the fresh air more often from March 2020.

The home of the Bernese bears is the city’s BearPark. Since 2009, the bears have been in the park on the banks of the Aare river, an exclusive location with a view of Bern’s Old City, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

A small forest, bushes, caves and a large pool next to the river make sure that the bears are comfortable and happy. A landscape has been created in which they can climb, fish, and play, but also retreat. The compound measures about 5,000 square metres and covers the area from the former Bear Pit all the way down to the Aare river.

In December of 2009, bear mom “Björk” gave birth to two cubs in one of the hibernation caves. Daughter “Ursina” still lives at BearPark with her parents, her sister “Berna” has found a new home in Bulgaria.

BearPark and the Dählhölzli zoo are suitable for visitors in wheelchairs. There’s been a wheelchair-friendly panorama elevator at BearPark since 2015. It can be used for free and connects the banks of the river with the upper part of the park. Floating through BearPark on the lift is a unique experience!

  • Information

    Open round the clock, 365 days a year

    Admission gratis
    Getting there Public transport: Bus no. 12 from Bern’s main station in the direction of “Zentrum Paul Klee”, getting off at “BärenPark”.

    Car: highway exit “Wankdorf”

    Guided tours: +41 (0)31 357 15 25

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