Bern Animal Park, BearPark

Visitors to Bern can observe live bears right in the heart of the Swiss capital.

The Bern Animal Park, BearPark is home to Finn, Björk, and their daughter Ursina. The animals have been living in the new park along the bank of Aare since 2009. The new Bern Animal Park, BearPark provides a landscape where the brown bears can climb, fish and play, but also just retreat and relax.

The grounds cover nearly 6,000 square meters and extend from the former BearPits down to the river’s edge. With woodsy areas, bushes, grottos, and a spacious pool running parallel with the Aare, the bears are able to live a real bear’s life. Finn, the father bear, is especially fond of the pool.

In December of 2009, Björk gave birth to two cubs in the bears’ winter den. Daughter Ursina still lives with her parents in the Bern Animal Park, BearPark, while Berna has found a home in an animal-friendly enclosure in Bulgaria. The zoo in Bern works closely with the zoo in Dobric and supervised the construction of the bear enclosure there.

A new inclined elevator was introduced in 2015, offering visitors barrier-free access to the Bern Animal Park, BearPark. The elevator is free of charge and provides a quick link between the banks of the Aare and the upper end of the enclosure.

  • Opening Times

    The tour around the Bern Animal Park, BearPark is accessible each day.

    Presence time of the animal nurses: Each day from 08h00 to 17h00


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