Rope park at the Stade de Suisse

The Stade de Suisse now offers you the unique opportunity to conduct team-building activities inside the legendary football stadium.

  • Information & Prices
    Season Possible all year
    Number of participants 10 - 100 persons
    Price Abseiling: from CHF 150.00/person
    Zip-line: from CHF 175.00/person
    Rope bridge construction: from CHF 200.00/person

Different field events in the stadium and around the soccer pitch invite you to enjoy exciting mountaineering adventures:

  • Rope bridge: The participants construct a rope bridge together under expert guidance from certified mountain guides. Who will be brave enough to cross the wobbly bridge first?
  • Zip-line: The guests’ adrenaline levels are sure to soar during a 150-metre ride across the entire length of the pitch. Attached to a roller, the participants fly from A to B inside the Stade de Suisse.
  • Abseiling:  The participants are securely attached to the rope by experienced mountain guides, before abseiling freely down to the edge of the pitch from a height of 25 metres.
  • Human ropeway: At lofty heights above the Stade de Suisse, the participants cross the stands securely attached to ropes. The “passengers” can propel themselves at two equal heights using their own strength or with the help of other participants or the mountain guides.

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