Come along on a special city tour, following the tracks of Bern's symbolic figure – starting at the main station and ending at the BearPark! Join us on a visit to the park and learn more about the Bernese bear.

  • Information
    Tour available Year-round
    Duration 90 minutes
    Price CHF 250.00 per group
    Languages German, English, French
    Note Max. 20 persones per group

A well-read Bernese once said, "If our ancestors were among the animals in the forest, then it's likely they would have had to be bears. In terms of movement and intelligence, no other four-footed creature is more like us." (Sergius Golowin, Bärn im Bärenwald, 1986).

The city of Bern has nurtured a close relationship with the bear since its foundation. According to legend, the animal gave the city its name, thus becoming the city's symbol. Bern's first BearPits were recorded in 1441.

But bears aren't confined to the old BearPits or the new BearPark. Numerous bears can be seen around the city, in the form of fountains, clocks, facades, gingerbread, chocolate and so much more!

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