Ballenberg Swiss Open-Air Museum

Wandering around historical buildings from all over the country, admiring gardens and fields planted using traditional methods, and watching demonstrations of folk handicrafts is a wonderful way to immerse yourself in the Switzerland of old.

  • Information
    Available tours - public tours of the Swiss Open-Air Museum
    - themed tours focused on Alpine farming, architecture, handicrafts, natural remedies and much more
    Sensory experiences - bread-baking in a wood-fired oven
    - perfume workshop (incl. making your own fragrance spray)
    - healing from the garden (incl. mixing your own tea blend)
    - cooking in a traditional kitchen
    Active experiences - Ballenberg championship
    - DIY carving: Carve a wooden cow
    - Foxtrail fun around Ballenberg


The Ballenberg Open-Air Museum offers a wide variety of group activities to suit every taste. You will be introduced to Swiss traditions and history, become familiar with life on the alm and learn more about topics such as naturopathy and traditional ceremonies celebrating weddings, births and deaths.

If you prefer more active fun, you can lend a hand yourself. Help out in the workshop, compete in traditional sports, carve your own wooden cow or solve exciting riddles on the Foxtrail.

After all the activities, is anyone’s stomach growling? Then let’s head to the traditional kitchen – where you’ll find out how to prepare delicious food without electricity or running water. And of course you can get your hands dirty here as well, e.g. by baking bread or blending herbal tea.

Let yourself be transported back in time and experience a truly historic team event.

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