ARTraum Team Events and Painting Courses

Art & Color meets you! Take part in colorful team events and painting courses with artist Karin Frank at her inspiring loft workshop ARTraum.


This is perfect as an event or supporting program for companies, incentive groups, congress groups and seminar groups as well as private parties. Create your original, abstract artwork on a high-quality canvas together and find out how much (more) hidden talent there is in your team. You visualize your goals or current issues and thereby encourage identification, trust and communication within the team. The focus is on your uniqueness and originality as an individual, team and company. And, of course, this makes for a fun group event!


Take an adventure-filled journey of discovery into the world of abstract painting with fascinating techniques and materials such as rust, lime putty, marble powder, wax, ash, bitumen and coffee. Then combine them all with your favorite colors.

  • ARTraum

    Wankdorffeldstrasse 90
    3014 Bern

    T +41 079 474 77 01

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